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Attic Access
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Some of the Services we offer:

Full package
Attic Access will supply and fit 100 square foot of loft flooring. We will install the loft ladder, a lockable hatch door and a light and switch.

Moving hatches
If your existing hatch is in an inaccessible or inconvenient place, we will fill the existing hole and open the hatch in a convenient place requested by you.

In order to combat the expensive heating bills, we will insulate your loft and if there, either remove or insulate over existing insulation. Our insulation conforms to the thickness required in the HIP's.

Velux windows
Our specially trained fitters will install Velux windows into your room in order to let more light and air into your attic.

Attic Access can also supply the loft ladders only. If you have any questions regarding our services and what we offer please do not hesitate to give us a call.
Tel: 0151 357 3753
Mob: 07944 123488
E-Mail: info@atticaccess.co.uk